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MBDi Training - Mastering the Art of Business Development - BD Development - Online Training - Client Engagement Training - Revenue Generation Win Early. Win Often. Mastering the Art of Business Development Online Business Development Training
for Fresh Starters to Seasoned Professionals

The Challenge of Change

Change is happening at an accelerated pace, making it vastly more difficult to lead with vision. The test for business development leaders is being able to pivot to, and embrace, new ways of doing things. This course will do just that.

Get Prepped and Ready.

The Curriculum to Help You Transition with Confidence

Elevate Customer Engagement

Learn the thinking, behavior and skills required for proactive client engagement and revenue generation.

Advance Your HUMINT® IQ

Improve the quality of intelligence necessary to identify and disqualify unprofitable opportunities.

Transform Cold Calls into Trusted Relationships – Even Remotely

Learn how building relationships remotely is not impossible, yet is imperative to success. 

Cultivate with Confidence

Better understand the psychology of how and why clients “buy” when making sourcing decisions.

Mastering the Art of Business Development

Extensive, Comprehensive, Instructor-led Curriculum Delivered Online

4 Sessions over 4 Weeks

Limited Seats    |    3 Hour (180 min) Sessions    |    Once Per Week

What You'll Learn

  • Gain the thinking, behavior and skills for proactive client engagement and revenue generation.
  • Know how to identify and disqualify unprofitable opportunities before investing resources.
  • Use the proactive steps of the MBDi HUMINT® Client Engagement Process for the quality intelligence needed to move opportunities through your pipeline.
  • Develop a better understanding of the psychology of how and why customers “buy” when making sourcing decisions.
  • Learn to encourage customers to participate in your Opportunity Identification and Qualification (OI&Q)i phase, rather than being drawn into their RFP process.

The 'Is,' 'Was' and 'Gonna Be' World of BD

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What Students Are Saying

“In the increasingly competitive landscape we foresee, mastery of the art of business development is essential in achieving growth. The training we received from MBDi has been instrumental in shaping our business developers into a high-performing team to make that growth possible.”
Charles Rash
VP Operations
Potomac River Group, LLC
“Owning ‘Be, Know, Do’ is allowing me to become a winner on and off the field.”
Michael Agin
Founder and BOD Member
That Others May Live Foundation
“If you only have time or the funds for one course, this is the course you should take. It is the BD 101 of the marketing world.”
John Folkerts, MG, USAF (Ret.)
Former VP, Special Operations Market Group
“MBDi training changed my entire approach to Business Development, and the results have been tangible and significant. I recommend it for everyone who wants to be successful in Business Development.”
Steve Adragna
Senior VP & General Manager
Arcanum Global
“Those who went into the training expecting to benefit enthusiastically endorsed it throughout and after the course. Those who were skeptical acknowledged that they had learned key insights and methods that would reap benefits going forward. I’d say those are strong indicators that the course is worth taking.”
Molly Griffin
Government Relations
The Spectrum Group
“Mastering Business Development® has enlightened me to the conceptual as well as the mechanical aspects of BD, and also on the difference between BD and Sales. My objective for attending has been met and exceeded.”
Mike Hucks
Director, Non-Intrusive Inspection
Smiths Detection
“Excellent curriculum leveraging psychological theory that helps you think very differently about how to engage with clients/customers to stay in control and foster results.”
Kurt McIntyre
Business Development Manager
Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems
“I was completely caught off guard by how this course was able to transform my thinking about a business development role. Not only will it help my career, it will help me through life.”
Joseph Armstead
Senior BD Manager/OTECH
Oceaneering International, Inc.
“Having access to this type of insight, knowledge, and level of awareness can be invaluable to both professional and personal development. The training was above my expectations and the learnings can be applied to any aspect of human interaction.”
Ivonne Meza
Sr. Director Product Development and Client Services
Cintana Education
“I thought your course was the best I attended throughout my career.”
Steve Riggs
Retired VP, Customer Relations and Sales NA
Westinghouse Electric Company
“This was a great course. I learned much more than I thought possible based on my years of education, training and experience. I will leave here better prepared to perform Business Development in a win-win manner.”
Ralph G. Wooten
MG, USA (Ret), Former EVP
Davis-Paige Management Systems
“This course equips the student to think effectively, to bond and position successfully … to be different from a traditional sales person.”
Lenny Schaefer
Director, Air Force Programs
Obsidian Global, LLC